Buffalo Chicken Bite Salad

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13 Responses

  1. Carolyn says:

    My husband adores buffalo wings and would probably adore these. I am bookmarking them to make soon!

  2. Dimah says:

    This looks and sounds really good!

  3. I love buffalo wings, never fail to order them when we go to Fridays

  4. yummy! these look so cute! thank you for sharing.

  5. Karen says:

    Perfect use for these leftovers. The salad is a great idea! And your chicken bites sound addictive! It’s something that I don’t think to make, but always order on bar-food menus. I’ve got to keep these in mind.

  6. I don’t have this buffalo sauce here but it seems glorious with the teriyakiand more barbecue so beautiful salad 🙂



  7. Brenda says:

    If you have extra send some my way! These look so delicious, my hubby and I would both love them. Bookmarked!

  8. Chef Bee says:

    This salad makes perfect sense to me. Great idea.

    Plan B

  9. Beth says:

    This recipe sounds terrific. I’ve bookmarked your buffalo bites and can’t wait to try them!

  10. Lisa says:

    Three flavors of chicken bites? I want them all and that salad too.

  11. LOL – What I took from this was “Roadhouse”. I keep replaying Peter Griffin saying it over and over in my head now.

  12. Sounds SO good! Love easy meals like this!

  13. Christy says:

    great recipes and great idea for leftovers. these look very yummy. thank you for linking up to tuesday night supper club!

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