Egg Salmon Salad – A Leftover Salmon Recipe

Egg salmon salad. Yes…. it’s a twist on an old favorite. Egg salad is a relatively common meal for me. It’s easy, it’s fast, it has pretty decent nutritional value, and I always have hard-boiled eggs in my fridge.

I’m always looking for ways to use leftover salmon. I can eat leftover anything in it’s original form about 2-3 times before I have to start getting creative. And, with lots of fresh, wild Alaska salmon in my freezer, it’s time to get creative

Egg salmon salad. SalmonAtSeven.comThis is such a simple recipe, but so good, so filling, and so healthy, that I’m amazed I didn’t think of it sooner! This dish is made up of salmon left over from my Grilled Alaska Salmon – 3 Ways post, a few days ago. 🙂

Egg Salmon Salad – A Leftover Salmon Recipe
Recipe Type: Breakfast, Snack, Appetizer
Author: SalmonAtSeven
Prep time: 2 mins
Total time: 2 mins
Serves: 1
This delicious recipe could be used as a main meal, a snack, or as a dip at a party. It uses up leftover salmon, is healthy, filling, and loaded with protein and omega 3.
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 2 oz grilled fresh wild Alaska salmon, chilled
  • 1 tbsp olive oil-based mayo
  • 1.5 tsp horseradish mustard
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • pepper to taste
  • sprigs dill for garnish and flavor
  1. Tear up salmon.
  2. Mash all main ingredients together with a fork.
  3. Add garnish and sprinkle spices to taste.
  4. Serve.
Calories: 287 Fat: 16 Carbohydrates: 2 Protein: 27

Egg Salmon Salad would be delicious on toast, with crackers (like Triscuit’s dill crackers), as a dip, in a lettuce bowl, or simply on its own.

This recipe can be easily multiplied depending on the number of people you wish to serve.

Create, and serve!

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3 Responses

  1. JC Marc says:

    I love your site! I love your creations. I am preparing salmon for Sunday supper, and I know exactly what to do with leftovers for Monday lunches. Thank you! What a great idea.

  2. What a wonderful way to use up leftover salmon! This salad sounds absolutely delicious.

  3. This is a good one, I bookmarked it. I love using leftover salmon in salads. I’ve made a rice and salmon salad which didn’t use mayo.

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