Naturally Based & PRETTY!

What does naturally based mean to you? I’m part hippie. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m only part hippie though.

I cloth diaper my baby. Most of the time.

I use essential oils where possible in place of petro-chemicals. Unless a good dose of bleach is needed.

I employ coconut oil for all kinds of uses IN AND OUT of the kitchen, including body wash, baby lotion. You name it, I’ve tried it. There’s no modifier here. The stuff is food of the gods.

If there’s a naturally based way of doing things, I’m going to shoot for it! That said I’m still really, extremely girly. I like make up. A LOT. My cabinet is filled with all kinds of new and fun makeup products.

I’m sure you can imagine I JUMPED AT THE OPPORTUNITY to purchase naturally based cosmetics when I first heard about Younique. And yes, I jumped at the business opportunity too! (A new direct sales company, ships flat rate, available in the US and Canada, and soon MORE COUNTRIES. UM HELLO!!!) The products make me look like I’ve got that “NATURAL SPARK” and I can even say that it’s natural (-ly based!).

From the 3D lashes that give STUNNING body to my eye lashes and make my eyes pop to the Lucrative lip gloss with all kinds of fun colors, from the concealer to the eye pigments – in THIRTY colors that can be used for so much more than just eye color!…. I can’t get enough of these products. Want more info on the products or the opportunity? Just let me know. I would love to chat. And, you can also take a look for yourself on my site –!

And yes, this may be a SHAMELESS plug for myself and my new endeavor, but I seriously CANNOT STOP TALKING about how awesome these products are!

Regal Sassy and Sexy Eye Pigments with 3D Lashes, naturally based cosmetics.

Regal Sassy and Sexy Eye Pigments with 3D Lashes, naturally based cosmetics.

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