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True confession time: I know EXACTLY what a self-cleaning oven does, but not only do I have no clue how it works, I have also NEVER used the function. Ever. I prefer to scrub the darned thing clean all on my own. I recently discovered an amazing oven cleaner.

Life just got easier!

My friend and I were hanging out at her house a year or two ago when she exclaimed “WATCH THIS!”

I meandered around to the kitchen side of her breakfast bar to see what was so urgent as she spread a baking soda/water paste on the glass door of her oven. Once it was spread, I, completely unenthusiastically responded “WOW! Baking soda!!”

She gave me a dirty look and admonished me “Yes, baking soda. Now we wait. This is supposed to be an amazing oven cleaner”

Eyeroll. I returned to my seat and glass of wine at her breakfast bar and we chatted for a while longer. A glass of wine 30 minutes later, I trucked back around to her side of the kitchen and was truly amazed. The grime wiped away. Literally. It felt like we were on an infomercial, except neither of us were paid, and neither of us are actors.

We *may* have both done a little happy dance at how amazing the baking soda and water paste worked. Such is the glamour and excitement of my life.

Fast forward to today. My husband is proving my mediocrity as a housewife as he peers in the oven during our deep cleaning of the kitchen. “Maybe we should clean the oven, Honey.”

My eyes lit up and I said “WATCH THIS!!!”

All Natural Oven Cleaner - tutorial. SalmonAtSeven.comCheck out our results!! Only minimal elbow grease needed on the toughest spots.

MORAL OF THE STORY: All things are possible with baking soda.

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