Amazing Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake. Those two words should draw you in. If they don’t, we perhaps cannot be friends. I’m not normally a sweet toothed person, but when it comes to chocolate cake or cupcakes. Well, let’s just say, all is fair in love and war.

I have a dear friend who is an amazing baker. And by amazing, I have bought delicious and amazing cakes and cupcakes from her. She is sweet and creative and makes gorgeous from-scratch treats. In short, I aspire to be just like her one day.

I also am not a baker. I can whip up some pretty delicious savory foods, but baking is a skill and habit that often eludes me.

On my husband’s birthday, I decided I was going to surprise him with a chocolate cake, especially since he has let me know how that I *could* bake sweet treats a little more often then making pumpkin pie cheesecake cupcakes at Thanksgiving. So I called my friend and begged for her trade secrets.

She laughed and shared this amazing moist chocolate cake recipe from foodess and told me to use dark chocolate instead and that I wouldn’t regret it.

Dark chocolate cake from SalmonAtSeven.

I pulled out my stand mixer and Never Looked Back!!!

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