Adventures in Vertical Gardening

Dahlia from my regular garden.

Last year, my garden suffered while I was pregnant (along with my housework, my cooking, and my blogging). I let everything except my dahlias and indoor tomatoes die off. It was too hot and I was enormous!┬áThis year, now that we are on a single income, I’m getting creative with veggies. By creative, I mean that I’m actually going to try growing them. And I’m going to experiment with vertical gardening.

After going to town on Pinterest, I found a really fun stepladder/drawer concept, and I showed my husband.

“Can we build a few of these, Honey? I want to get into vertical gardening.”

“WE sure can.” Then he laughed at me because he truly understood who I meant by “we.”

I came home today to these beauties!!


I can’t wait to fill them with dirt and my seed starts (all 175 of them). And I have another idea for a vertical gardening project that we can do!

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