Lattice Vertical Herb Garden Tutorial – part 1

Vertical Herb Garden Tutorial from

Amazing husband strikes again! Last night he whipped up this beautiful vertical herb gardenĀ using a few 2x4s, some old plywood, and lattice board.

It’s going to sit right next to our southwest facing sliding glass door just like this and will give us an amazing supply of herbs.
Vertical Herb Garden Tutorial from
I threw a bunch of dirt in (my mom got me dirt for my birthday this year!) and watered it to tamp it down. I filled in the shallow areas and made sure the dirt was firm but not so densely packed to make it hard to plant tomorrow.

Vertical Herb Garden Tutorial from

Next step: fill it with plants! I have tons of herbs started to fill it with … From basil to oregano to and orange mint that promises to make amazing mint mojitos… More on that another day.

Once the plants take, I’ll stand it up and secure it to the wall. Vertical herb garden building, done!

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