Lattice Vertical Garden Tutorial – Part 2

Amazing Hubby built me a gorgeous box out of old lattice and untreated wood to become a new vertical garden box last month.


Lattice Vertical Herb Garden Tutorial


I immediately filled it with dirt and herb starts, and throughout the month of May, they all flourished. Then, Memorial Day weekend, a cold spell hit, and the garden slowed way down. Some of my plant starts failed miserably, and I filled several of the holes in with starts that I bought. The only problem? the lattice squares were actually a little smaller than 4″ pots. This worked to my favor though, since those “chunks” of dirt stayed in place far better than they otherwise would have. Next year, I think I’ll start my plants earlier so that my transplants are more established, but otherwise, I’ve been quite pleased with the whole process.

Step 1:  Build the vertical garden box20140509-222015.jpg

Amazing husband put together the box with untreated wood backing, 2×4 sides, and lattice font.

Step 2: pre-measure and set the screws.

20140509-222024.jpgHe left the lip on either side wide enough so that a screw could fit into the space, and then pre-drilled the wood and wall.

Step 3: Fill with dirt

20140509-222031.jpgI filled the finished box with dirt and then watered so it compacted, then filled and watered again until it was the density I wanted.

Step 4: Plant the herbs (or whatever you’re planting)

20140622-155246-57166083.jpg My starts were itty bitty, because I started them late and got extra excited to plant them. Plant them while the box is on the ground so the root systems can take over and keep the dirt in place.

Step 4: Wait patiently for your starts to flourish.

20140622-155244-57164290.jpgNot all of my herbs were happy, so I supplemented them with 4″ starts I bought.
The final garden is: Arugula, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Lavender and Mint.

Step 5: Hang your vertical garden on the wall

20140622-155242-57162437.jpgAmazing husband put this up one day… and it’s gorgeous! As it hangs there, I find that it gets plenty of afternoon sun, and it’s sheltered from too much heat by virtue of the small overhang over the back porch. But, because it’s out of reach of the sprinkler, I think I’m going to modify it just a smidge by drilling holes in the top to make it easier to water.

Voila! Vertical Herb Garden. Best part is that it was created using lumber scraps.

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  1. this is brilliant, I love it 🙂

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