Halibut Macaroni and Cheese

Halibut Macaroni and cheese recipe from salmonatseven.com.
Yes. You heard me correctly. Halibut macaroni and cheese! Fresh caught halibut even. There’s nothing better than eating food that you’ve caught or grown yourself. This dish is no exception.

We love halibut tacos too, but mac and cheese has a special spot in my heart.
We adapted this recipe for tonight’s dish. Tillamook has a great sharp cheddar, so we used that in place of our beloved Irish white cheddar, because, well, that’s what was in our fridge. And, of course, we added halibut to the sauce… approximately a 4″x4″ chunk. Topped with fresh parsley from The Great Wall of Herb as I have affectionately dubbed my vertical garden. Served with my favorite kale slaw from Costco. Delicious.

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