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Lent has never been a strong point of mine. I’ll admit, at best, I’m a lapsed Catholic. After my father passed away unexpectedly late last year, I have had every intention of returning to Mass given by the wonderful priest who officiated his services. Though ultimately, everything boils down to excuses, I just haven’t been able to get my act together to go.

I have never understood Lent, of giving up something for the sake of doing without, just because it’s Lent. So this year, I decided to make a Lent resolution, something that’s good for me, that isn’t easy, but that I ultimately benefit from. And, something that’s in the spirit of Lent, of doing something out of the ordinary.

In the 18 months since the baby was born, I have done very little for myself. And that’s ok. But it means I haven’t lost the baby weight… and to be a better mother, I need to be healthy inside and out. It’s so very hard to get started. What better opportunity than Lent to focus on doing the right thing? There will be those that disagree with me or find it sacrilegious, but ultimately it’s no one else’s business — and health, like faith, grief, and a whole host of other things, is a very personal journey.

So what am I doing for Lent? I’m actually not giving something up. Instead, I’ve committed to getting at least five miles/10,000 steps a day – or 90 minutes of activity – every day of Lent. There will be days that this doesn’t happen, but as long as over the course of the week, I have an average of 35 miles, I will consider this a success.

Day 1 - Wednesday, Feb. 18

Day 1 – Wednesday, Feb. 18

Day 2 - Thursday, February 19

Day 2 – Thursday, February 19

Day 3 - Friday, February 20

Day 3 – Friday, February 20

Day 4 - Saturday, February 21

Day 4 – Saturday, February 21

It may not have started out perfectly, but I’m on a roll!

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