Toddler Window Art (& new SAHM!)

Toddler window art kicked off my first day as a stay at home mom today. A full time mom. A mom who doesn’t work out of the home. It’s WEIRD!!! And so completely cool that I get to witness my child’s growing personality develop before my very eyes. Naturally, I’m completely freaked out that I will mess something up, but mostly I am so excited. I have a box full of art supplies, plans to get outdoors a lot, and a calendar filled with Hike It Baby “dates,” that I seem to be great at bailing on. Ha! I’ve never not worked before… since age 16 (that’s half my life!), and it’s strange to not have to get showered or dressed, and completely awesome.

Naturally, today, being our first work day together of not working, was the perfect day for an art project. I have tons of toddler projects pinned on my Pinterest boards. And to be honest, the mess potential of most of them is intimidating. So we started small with something that was no more messy than a few wayward scraps of paper… far less mess than the nightmare of paint flung everywhere.

This toddler window art project is easy and beautiful, even if I actually did most of it. My little 18 month old’s attention span is, shall we say, “limited.” The effect of layered tissue paper was itself fun and beautiful, and when the sun hit it late this afternoon, it was actually stunning. I’m not actually sure what to do with the end piece, since I love it so much.

Materials needed for toddler window art:


  • Fold over the top and bottom of contact paper and adhere to window.
  • Turn toddler (or yourself) loose with tissue paper.
  • Have fun!
Easy "mess free" window art project for toddlers. Toddler Window Art Tutorial from

Easy “mess free” project for toddlers. Toddler Window Art Tutorial from

Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

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2 Responses

  1. Congrats! I’ve been a SAHM for 7 years now, and it has gone by so fast! It has been really awesome to spend everyday with my son and watch him grow & develop, whereas I was working while my older two were babies/toddlers. Now that all the kids are in school…my husband is waiting for me to go back to work! I’m putting it off as long as possible 😉

  1. March 4, 2016

    […] 2 year old, I often finish the projects and then proclaim how much fun they were. This includes the “stained glass” tissue window art that was often foiled by muddy paw prints, the one-hit wonder colored soap foam that was actually a […]

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