Getting outside and hiking

Taking kids on hikes is the best way to get fresh air and have fun. The last several months I haven’t had much time to write. Rather, I haven’t made much time to write. I’ve been busy with a group called Hike It Baby, getting outside with my kid. I’m taking full advantage of being home with him by not being home at all. I find that I actually have less time to do household chores than I did when I was working…

It goes against my previous goals of simplifying my life. But my stress is almost nothing, because we get in around 25-30 miles a week, whether as toddler-led or as actual hikes outdoors with my kiddo. I’m becoming an outdoor addict again, and find myself going on hikes, walks, or other outings 4-5 times a week. I’ve started running again too… I finished a 5k and a 6k, and am training for a half marathon. Not too shabby for someone who wasn’t even running 3 months ago.  I’m working to shut down that inner voice that asks “But what if I fail?” and it’s already changing it’s tune to “I can’t wait to try!”

Lots of amazing hikes that I need to review on here! Not so much cooking, unless you count smoothies (there have been LOTS of those).  I have a list of all kinds of things that I want to write about. 🙂 Soon.

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