Colored Soap Foam Tutorial

Colored soap foam is fun for toddlers and parents. And it’s easy, so when your toddler has the attention span of a gnat, you won’t bad about the prep time. But this sensory play idea captured my kid’s attention. If he can stay interested, any kid can.

As I was preparing to be a stay-at-home-mom several months ago, I did what any well-prepared 21st century mom would do — I hit Pinterest!! With a vengeance. And I made a gigantic list of ALL of the projects we would do together, and ALL of the free/cheap activities available in Anchorage. And I bought a TON of art supplies so that we could do projects. I’ve done maybe 3 art projects, because we’ve been playing outside SO much! So today, when it was nice enough to play outside, but my energy levels lagged, I remembered a colored soap foam project I’d seen somewhere.

I ordered a TON of washable liquid watercolors, which hadn’t left their original packaging since April. Until today. This is TOTALLY toddler-approved. Down the road, it will be a fun project to learn about textures and color mixing, but right now, it’s a whole lot of splashy fun. With these colors (green, blue, turquoise, yellow), my main goal was to not have “muddy” foam at the end. Victory. And, although I was slightly concerned that I had inadvertently dyed us both blue (because Mommy needed a blue foam pedicure), I am pleased to say that as advertised, the liquid watercolor is truly washable. We immediately traipsed upstairs and hopped in the bath. A little Burts Baby Shampoo and blue bath water later, we were both squeaky clean and our original color. Mission: Accomplished.


What you need:


  1. select the colors for your colored soap foam
  2. set your tub somewhere your toddler can’t “help”
  3. set up your stand mixer (a hand mixer would do in a pinch)
  4. add 1/4 cup hot water, 4 drops of Dawn, 4-6 drops of your color
  5. set your mixer to high and watch as peaks of foam begin to form.
  6. adjust water, Dawn, and watercolor levels as needed
  7. pour each batch of foam into the tote
  8. when complete, strip your little one down to the diaper, take child and foam outside, and start playing!
  9. make sure to have a towel and flip flops nearby so you can whisk your little one into the bath when done.

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