Bath tub paints – Toddler Approved!

Bath tub paints are fun! In fact, they’re among the most successful of the arts and crafts projects I’ve instigated while a stay at home parent. When I left my full-time “grown-up” job to stay at home with my toddler, I pictured blissful days of arts and crafts and playing outside. We did LOTS of playing outside and hiking with Hike It Baby, but arts and crafts have been a little on the light side.

When I say on the light side, I actually mean almost non-existent. I can count on one hand (maybe two if I count repeats), the number of dream arts  projects we actually pulled off. Since E has the attention span, of well, a 2 year old, I often finish the projects and then proclaim how much fun they were. This includes the “stained glass” tissue window art that was often foiled by muddy paw prints, the one-hit wonder colored soap foam that was actually a huge hit, and the salt dough candy cane project we did with friends (more on that later).  I have also had success at playdough, and will share my wisdom there another time.

Bath tub paints are fun!

Bath tub paints are fun!

Enter bath time. “No” is a well-used word in our house… from all parti


“No! Don’t ride the dog!”

“No! No ‘nananas!” (bananas)

“No! Don’t lick the walls!”

“No! No bed. No bath.”

Bath time is essential when you have a dog-riding wall-licking parkour-wannabe toddler. Essential. It helps everyone wind down, laugh a little about bed time, and ease into the actual act of going to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. So when he decided that bath time was for the birds, I reached for the wine put my thinking cap on. And then I hit Pinterest. For approximately 28 hours. From all of the varying mommy blogs, I pulled together the ideal recipe for bath tub paints. He approved, and we’ve repeated on multiple occasions. He’s graduated to painting himself as well as his adoring mommy.

Bath tub paints are better on everything!

Bath tub paints are better on everything!

Bath tub paints recipe

2 cups of flour
10 drops of dawn (or baby soap, but Blue Dawn performs best for me)
1/4-1/2 cup of water

Mix everything together in a kitchen aid stand mixer, or a bowl with a hand mixer until you get the froth and consistency you want.  You can make more or less also… really just get a feel for it. Divide mixture into smaller cups… I love reusing old yogurt cups, but you can really use anything. Next, add a few drops of either food coloring or these non-staining liquid watercolors that I love. Add foam brushes and off to the bathtub!

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