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Using snow paints for outside art is totally awesome! It’s pretty much fun for everyone. Kids, moms, dads, kids, grandparents, nannies, kids. The ingredient that’s hardest to come by is snow! This year, Anchorage has seen almost no snow. So every chance we get, if it’s snowed, we whip up a batch of colors and paint away!
DIY Snow Paints Tutorial.

Through trial and error, we’ve found that squeeze bottles are the best for snow painting. You can use old Mrs. Meyers soap bottles, ketchup/mustard/sauce bottles, or you can use bottles specifically marketed as snow markers. You can also use spray bottles, but they’re probably best for older kids; toddlers have more trouble manipulating the handle without spraying themselves – or you – in the face.


Snow paint bottle options.

There are lots of options for bottles. You can see the variety we’ve used in trial and error to find what works best for us.

You have a few options for filling them, too. If you buy the snow markers, you can use the colors that come with them, but the packaging says that they may stain, so I discarded those packets. I scored the bottles on clearance from Target though, so I don’t feel like it’s a big loss. I prefer to use washable watercolors since they wash from skin and clothing more easily. We spend enough on winter gear that I don’t want to stain it more than normal wear and tear already does.

The first option for color is using washable watercolors, like these ones from Crayola. Pop the tablets out and dissolve them in hot water. I usually use the whole tablet, but you could easily use half. It might make for a great lesson/experiment on color saturation and concentrations too! Shake the color up and play away!

The second option for color is adding a few drops of liquid watercolors. I was hesitant to use these since they’re more expensive, but I was out of the Crayola palettes.  Since I didn’t have time to run to the store before we met our friends, I tried adding just a few drops of each and got great rich colors.

A note of caution: if your child likes to eat snow, beware of using the colors orange and yellow if you’d like to save yourself a heart attack… and if you’re outside playing with a dog.

Other than that, play away and explore your creativity with snow paints!

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Have fun with your snow paints!

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