Do you like mouthwatering artisan pasta?

I do! I like mouthwatering artisan pasta very much. Actually, I like anything mouthwatering… by the very definition it’s going to be delicious. I like these special pastasĀ even more since I learned how to make them on my own… and the pasta attachments my husband got me for Christmas makes them even easier.

We’ve made noodles for soup, ravioli, spaghetti, and spinach fettuccine! And I authored a great post on another page about how awesome artisan pastas are and how much fun they are to make.

I hope you’ll head on over and read more about How to Make Mouthwatering Artisan Pasta with a Stand Mixer! It was a fun article to write, although the pasta is certainly fun — and tasty — to eat.

artisan pasta -

Image source: Pixabay

I’ve always loved fresh noodles, and discovered that there is so much more to artisan pasta than the pre packaged fresh noodles you buy at grocery stores. Once I got to try black squid ink pasta at a little restaurant along Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. And I’ve purchased spinach noodles from Full Circle Farms before too. There’s a special satisfaction from making pasta on your own though. Whether its watching the dough turn into tasty noodles, sampling the dough (which I probably shouldn’t condone, because, eggs), or devouring the finished product. The Italians do so many things right… and pasta is definitely one of them.

There are so many options. So many ways to experiment. Why would you want to go back to plain grocery store noodles when the world — and pasta bowl — is your oyster? Create. Create. Create. Or Create. Eat. Write. Repeat. Either way, your taste buds and family will thank you for giving homemade artisan pasta a try.

Note: The post I’m linking to is a sponsored post, but every word I’ve written is deliciously true.

Second Note: If you need a place to start, try this book – Making Artisan Pasta.

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