Home: A love story

Home - A love story. SalmonAtSeven.comThey say that the irony of getting your home ready for sale is that you fix it up perfectly… for someone else. Boy, is it ever true. The last month or so has been a wild period of upheaval in our family. None of it bad, depending on which family members you speak with, just complete chaos.

This may be evident in the sudden halt of an otherwise flurry of resurgence here on SalmonAtSeven.

After leaving active duty a few years ago, my husband flirted with several career and education ideas, finding that none were quite the right fit. Also, finding that in Alaska’s current economy, it was incredibly difficult to find a job paying a livable wage. As opportunities dried up, in late March we decided to look elsewhere for a job for him. Being a keyboard warrior… (working from home), I can work anywhere with an internet connection. K has a significantly different skill set. We were all set for a move to Wisconsin, where he has family and jobs were seemingly more plentiful.

Enter lots of hard work and all the projects we have been wanting to accomplish in the five years we’ve lived in this house. New floors downstairs. New carpet in the stairwell. Fresh paint and new trim everywhere. We got rid of furniture and did some massive decluttering. You know, all the stuff we no longer needed when we were paying to move ourselves.

Then, just days before we were listing our house, my husband got a great job offer. Here. In Alaska. It was a surprisingly difficult decision to make, given that it would have been a solid yes without hesitation a month ago. But, we now had to pay for our remodel, and we had spent 30 days selling ourselves on the benefits of living back in the REAL states.

He started the new job this week, and we are staying. Beautiful floors and all. My head hasn’t quite stopped spinning, but I’m thrilled to be staying in my home state, and enjoying my house, which feels so big without furniture! And the house that I thought I’d outgrown? Well I love it all over again.

Supposedly, you never can come home again. But, I’ll tell you what, when spring is springing, the rhubarb and raspberries making their presence known, sometimes it’s better to have never left.


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