Gardening with a toddler

My garden is off to a stunning start…being that it’s not even May 15 and I’ve got most things planted. I’m not sure whether it’s global warming at work or just an extra warm series of summers. But normally we don’t plant till Memorial Day weekend.

My bleeding heart is weeks ahead of schedule and the dahlias are potted.

My bleeding heart is weeks ahead of schedule and the dahlias are potted.

Either way gardening with a toddler ads  different dimension to my process. He’s such a good helper. Or he wants to be. He loves attempted drownings of helping by watering the plants. He also loves planting seeds, thought we may end up with ten sunflowers growing from a single 2″ area. Good problems to have, I suppose.

gardening with a toddler

Ok so this isn’t gardening with a toddler, it’s playing in a mud puddle with a toddler, but it’s fun, too

Then he loses interest after about 2 minutes and wanders off brandishing either the barbecue tongs or the pooper scooper over his head like a weapon of mass destruction. And I finish the basket or container before returns to help drown water more seedlings.

In the end, I love gardening with him. He’s fun to shop for flowers with…and I can’t wait to watch him watching them grow, while I chase after him to keep him from picking them all.

spring flowers

So far this year, he’s helped me to plant

  • A guacamole basket (cilantro)
  • A pesto basket (basil)
  • A mojito basket (mint)
  • 9 dahlias
  • Countless wildflowers
  • Countless sunflowers
  • Marigolds
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage

Today we will plant some bachelor buttons and pansies in his very own flower box so we can watch them grow together. Gardening with a toddler may not always go as planned (as in, at all), but it’s sure worth the extra fun. I can’t recommend it enough.


When 8 dahlias aren’t enough and you see this beauty at the store, it’s going to come home.

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