Can we talk about Jazzercise?

JazzerciseLet’s talk Jazzercise. A friend teaches at a local gym that’s doing a free Jazzercise promo this month. Unlimited classes yada yada yada.

I had no idea what to expect. But. It. Was. Fun!

I shimmied and hopped and triple-stepped my way through the hour. It’s a slightly older crowd than my favorite Piyo class at the Y, but I’m loving it. I also love Zumba, but Zumba requires a level of rhythm that I’ll never have.

I sat in on a training once that talked about strengths, weaknesses and non-strengths. Strengths are obvious. Weaknesses are things you can improve upon. Then there are non-strengths. These are areas that you have less hope of improving on than a snowball’s chance in… well, you get it. For me, rhythm is a non-strength. It’s a total non-starter. I can fake it with the best of them for a (very) short time. But then, I get off-beat, and I’m the person sitting there awkwardly at a concert trying my best to clap in time with everyone else. And failing. Miserably.

Rhythm is so far from a weakness, that one time I was told by a musician-in-residence that my mom did well so they had high hopes for me. A few minutes later, they quietly moved me to the far left of the class, and said “You didn’t get that gene from your mom.”

So I loved my Jazzercise

class because no one makes fun of me about my abysmal lack of rhythm. It’s all about dancing and having fun. I’m really good at having fun. I’m less good at the dancing to the beat. And, I’ll repeat, no one makes fun of me. It’s a great workout and I’m wondering where it’s been my whole life.

Will I get a membership? Maybe. Will I be back? Most definitely!

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