Vinegar for Sunburn Relief

The first time I heard that vinegar could provide sunburn relief, I didn’t believe it. I was on the phone with a Canadian friend who was in Vegas and had a little too much time by the pool. She lamented the difficulty finding vinegar from her hotel room.


Hold that thought! Vinegar?

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I let her talk for a few minutes, wondering if I had misheard her. Then she mentioned it again. Apparently, in addition to the hundred thousand or so other great household and home remedies vinegar seems to be good for, diluted vinegar awesome for sunburn relief. Who’d have thunk?

It has something to do with the anti-bacterial and cooling properties. I was a doubter, but I tried it, and it seems to work. Anecdotal evidence perhaps, but it’s cheap, and we always have some on hand.

Fast forward to this summer.

Alaska hasn’t had a normal winter in a few years. And by that I mean, record low snow levels. Early springs. Hot summers. The gardener in me is on cloud 9. My bleeding heart is nearly a month ahead of schedule. Our garden is already doing amazing things.  My 2.5 year old has been splashing like a madman in his kiddie pool.

I learned a lesson about using year old sunscreen on him. I never really burned as a kid. Not that I remember. I burned once in Hawaii, once in Panama, and pretty much if I’m pink at night, I’m 18 shades darker in a few days. Thank you melanin for being my friend.

My kiddo never burned last year, and we were outside a ton. We usually used sunscreen, but not always. So color me shocked when his poor little ears and cheeks got a little crispy the first warm weekend despite me using copious amounts of sunscreen. And by crispy, I mean, red and dry. And it didn’t seem to bother him. But, I felt awful!

Enter vinegar. We rinsed his face with a gentle soap and water to cool him off. And then diluted apple cider vinegar in water (about 1:1) and put on cotton balls and wiped his face down. It worked. Sunburn relief – check. After his little cheeks air dried, I added some nice coconut oil to help him re-moisturize. We were sure to add extra lotion for a few days, and to keep him indoors (at least it rained so it was easier to do), and after a few days he was back to normal.

That old sunscreen? I pitched it. And loaded up on some more of my favorites – Babyganics (SPF 50) and California Baby (SPF 30+). So far… so good.

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