Negotiating With a Twonager – A Toddler Terror

This week has been all about survival. My toddler and I survived a plane trip together. We survived playing catch up all week.

What I’m not sure that we survived is each other. Don’t get me wrong, we’re both alive and well, but every. Single. Thing. has become a battle. From breakfast to naps, its a battle of the wills. A battle that I think I’m losing.

Yesterday, I spent over two hours negotiating nap time. I never thought I’d be that mom. You know the one who bribes and cajoles their kid into submission. He’s sneaky too. He got very good at silently opening his bedroom door and creeping down the stairs, all while I was in the room right next door. Trying to work. Until I heard a small voice in the (fenced in) back yard. This happened not once, but four times. I yelled, we both cried. And finally he napped.

Toddler Terror - Mac n Cheese | SalmonAtSeven.comI thought that would be all she wrote, so I even tried to give him an awesome day today. It started on a not-so-hot note. E found a half-empty can of Coke that my husband left out the night before. He wore as much of it as he drank…except for the soda that landed on me too. Enter our second shower of the day. That he didn’t want to leave. I even gave in and made macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Because I like world peace. The rest of the morning went reasonably well… and he got a tasty lunch from Costco.

Then it was nap time. Surely yesterday was a fluke, right? Not so much. Three more hours of bliss. And by bliss, I mean another battle of the wills. I lost again, incidentally. He refused to nap. Did EVERYTHING but nap, in fact, until his father came home from work, at which time he passed out.

So macaroni and cheese may not ultimately be the secret to world peace, but I’ll tell you this… it was a delicious attempt at bringing a toddler terror to heel. Tomorrow is another day…

…except that tomorrow? We’re potty training. Wish me luck as we traverse the next step of the toddler terror campaign that’s sure to be waged. Just like MRSA, no known efforts can contain or counteract these tantrums.

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