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I’ve talked about Kindle Unlimited in the past. You may not know that I’m a sucker for series and book bundles. So when I learned about The Publicist series, I decided I had to try it. And of course, it’s on Kindle Unlimited, so I definitely had to try it. I read all four books in one weekend, much to my family’s dismay. In my defense, it was raining. And I REALLY enjoyed the book. When I reviewed the book on Amazon, my headline read: The Publicist series delivers romance, friendship and a new definition of success in a perfect four-book package. If you’d like to purchase the book, go ahead and click the picture below for my affiliate link.

I find the world of book publishing fascinating, and first and foremost, I love this series for the insider’s look at what may seem to many as an alternate universe. I also love books that come in series, as well as those that feature relatable characters. Christina George delivers in the Publicist series with well-developed characters  and a writing style that is easy to read and makes you not want to put the book down. I’ve tried not to include spoilers. But since the best way to provide an accurate review is to review each book on its merits, well, there may be a few. Sometimes, when you read all four books in a single weekend, because you can’t put them down, and you may want a brief escape from reality, details between the books blur. All in all, they formed a cohesive story which I love.

The first book, the namesake of the series, will leave you incredulous as to the types of situations a publicist (or marketing firm) may find themselves in with a wide variety of clients. Their antics will leave you shaking your head while you root for Kate and Mac and their relationship. But mainly, you’ll find yourself drawn to Kate … as she navigates the the fine line between relationships, friendships, and career. The Publicist is a great book with an insider’s insights into publishing. And more than a hint of romance.

Book 2 – Shelf Life shows us a new side of Kate, one who is less comfortable with aspects of the industry. Torn between two men – the dark, brooding handsome man and a golden-haired California boy. Both are drawn to her fiery personality, and she, likewise is drawn to both men. Can you love two men at the same time? Kate seems to, and George showcases well the allure of each. Meanwhile, Kate’s publicist career is on the rocks after a big shake up with a client who had her hackles up. With a great opportunity to rise from the ashes, she appears to be propelled toward a life with the California boy… or is she?

Book 3 – Climax is ultimately my favorite in the series. George continues her departure from a typical romance formula as newly married Kate seeks to find herself. Although the publicist is still not certain if New York or sunny California should be her home. Nor is she sure which man she needs, as both seem willing to make themselves available to her, wherever she wants to be. Or do they? George paints a realistic picture of the stresses relationships cause. And how those stresses can affect every aspect of our lives – from our careers to our sanity.

Kate’s epic breakdown is one we can all relate to. I can honestly say I’ve dreamed of disappearing into another country to escape reality. Kate takes this to a new level. George paints a fun picture that has me crying with Kate and in stitches at the hilarity of the situation. Once again, true love appears to win out. Kate is “rescued” by the man who seems to have her best interests in his heart. Kate proves again, that friendship is as important as love. We see that great friendships from sometimes unlikely sources.

Book 4 – A Second Chance – I loved the first three books especially, because they were about a character I could relate to. Book four’s protaganist is someone else all together, who I villified in my mind. Because of this, I had a harder time rooting for his happiness, but I loved the writing and the story. I found the vengeful part of me hanging on every word hoping he’d get his just desserts, while the other half of me – the half that sees the good in everyone, wanted this very human person to find the love that would make him whole.

Ultimately,this is a must read for anyone who loves a good women’s interest, a good romance, or who loves stories about books and the publishing industry. I hope that Christina George decides to continue the story line, because I’d love to see what further plot twists she — and life– brings to these very real characters.

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