Review – Thirty Six and a Half Motives

I’ve been following the Rose Gardner series for the last two years (and Denise, I’m so glad you didn’t give it up!)  Thirty Six and a Half Motives concludes the series decisively. All the little loose ends are tied up in a nice little box. Over the course of the series, I’ve loved watching Rose grow into herself. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been rooting for Skeeter. He’s probably my favorite character besides Rose and Neely Kate.  I want to know his side of things, his story from his point of view… But that’s another story (or series) I hope will be written.

As for this book, it’s so nice to know what happens. To know how all of the threads and story lines from the past 9 books come together in a single story. I love a series, but I love even more stories that end nicely. More than anything, though I don’t find trouble like Rose, and I’m not a firecracker like NK, I have come to think of both as friends, and would love them to be real friends in my life. Bottom line in this somewhat rambling review, I am glad that this chapter of Rose’s life has some resolution. But I’m thrilled that the story is continuing in new veins. And I can’t wait to see what happens in next in Fenton County… It promises to be AWESOME!

I purchased Thirty Six and a Half Motives. If you would like to purchase a copy through my affiliate link, click the cover image. This review originally appeared on Amazon.

I’ll continue to post my reviews of books I love, because it’s fun to do, and I very much enjoy reading. As in, it’s an obsession of mine. It’s also my escape from my two year old.

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