Fondue – Progressive Dinner Dreams

Every so often we talk about having a progressive dinner with our friends – you know, appetizers one place, salads another, mains somewhere else, and desserts at a fourth person’s home. It never materializes, but it’s really fun to talk about. Recently, I wrote a few articles about fondue for another blog – one for each of three courses. Now that each of them are live, I’ve been thinking about how we could make a progressive dinner with fondue. Of course, each host will need at least one fondue set (depending on the size of the traveling party), but it has the potential be a really fun theme. (I also think we need a limo driver to provide transportation from house to house. You know, for the inevitable wine.)

Fondue Progressive Dinner

I always have fun writing about food … and LOTS of other things. Even when I write about something I know well, I learn something about it in the process. That’s fun to me. Really. A lot of fun.

So what did I learn as I pondered all things fondue? More than you might think! And, I was reminded of things I knew ages ago, that my mommy brain didn’t deem “necessary for survival.”

The articles

In writing Cheese Fondue – the Ultimate Gourmet Appetizer I learned that the Ancient Greeks knew a lot. While this may be a “duh” moment, in addition to their myriad achievements and the Trojan War, they were apparently the first on paper to enjoy a molten cheese dish. You can read more about the history of eating melted cheese in that article. (It actually helps me if you go read it — or any of these articles, and if you choose to shop from the links in the article.)

In Fabulous Fondue Dinner Parties I was reminded about some of the games you can play while eating. Up the ante with a rule to kiss if you lose your food, or just play some fun fondue games that aid conversation. It’s all about fun. And flavor. And… food. And. And. And.

In Delectable Desserts with FondueI found some great ideas for dessert fondue that didn’t involve chocolate. It’s not blasphemy. It’s practical, especially if you have someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Or you know, you want to try something different. 🙂

I encourage you to check out some of these amazing ideas and recipes. And let me know how your progressive dinners go. Or your fondue parties in general.

Note: this post contains links to posts I’ve been paid for, which appear on commercial sites.

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