Bullet Journal: Best Bandwagon of 2016

Bullet Journal Bandwagon

Have you heard of the Bullet Journal concept before? Until a few days ago I was living in ignorant bliss, not knowing about the phenomenon. So apparently I haven’t lived before. And my life is missing some important organization. One of the many posts I read described bullet journals as an analog solution to stay organized in our digital world; a way to put your smartphone down for long enough to use the journal, and then pick it up again to Instagram your creations. More on that later.

Bullet Journal Beginnings

A bullet journal, or “bujo” if you’re a true aficionado, is an easy, fully customizable way to keep track of, well, everything. It’s a planner, tracker, and journal all rolled into one. You start with a blank journal, ruler, and pen, and let loose. The main idea is that you use bullets for tasks, trackers for habits, and basic yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily layouts to keep track of your appointments and to dos. You can read more about Ryder Carroll’s original concept here. The idea is to keep things basic, and simple and easy to follow, basically, something you like enough to follow through with.

What Ryder probably never saw coming was the level of sophistication and artistry that people would bring to their bullet journals. Bujos are going viral, and with it, the creative ideas for creating your own layouts. Pinterest, YouTube, and the blogosphere are going nuts. And I’m here to jump on the bandwagon. Not necessarily from a blogging standpoint, but more to rave about the idea. I will probably never be the person who covers every page of the bullet journal with beautiful artwork/doodles or with copious amounts of washi tape. (Although I have some on order!) But I will be using lots of color to keep it interesting, and to keep it fun. Which is, I imagine, the reason for some of the elaborate spreads.

How I started

Truth be told, I haven’t started my bullet journal yet. I just found out about them a few nights ago at a party. A friend pulled hers out of her purse to make note of something, another friend commented, and I wanted into the conversation. It was beautiful, a work of art. And I didn’t really understand how it worked so I had tons of questions. After everyone went home, I hit Google hard. I messaged my friend for the details. And I found the journal I wanted on Amazon. It’s on its way, along with some beautiful new pens. My only regret is that Amazon doesn’t do instant delivery. And that I only just discovered the phenomenon.

The last few nights, YouTube has been my best friend. So has one of the awesome bujo facebook groups. I’ve started figuring out not just how bujos work, but how I want to use mine. Whenever it arrives. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I have a lovely composition book with a few empty pages, and I’m already practicing my layouts. How I want to utilize my index. The way I want to show my future log (a fancy way of saying “Year at a Glance”). The spreads I’m utilizing for my monthly and weekly layouts, my trackers, and more. For example, I know that I want to track my workouts and menus on my weekly spreads. And I can’t wait to check off my trackers in beautiful colors.

I love that you can track anything! There are ideas for tracking your TBR list (to be read), your random thoughts, exercise, story ideas for writing projects, and MORE! If you do it, you can plan it!

My Bullet Journal

With about 30 gazillion options, I had a hard time deciding what to use for my journal. I know already that a composition book won’t work for me, and I’m glad I chose the Leuchturm1917 with dots. It gives me the grid I want, with the freedom to create without using lines. Or it will give me that freedom when it arrives. But I’ll be ready. And my layouts will be perfect… unless they aren’t, in which case, it will be part of the fun.

Do you want to start your own bullet journal too? Check out my Pinterest Board on Bullet Journaling, or get going on ordering your journal and the most popular pens. (I’ve included affiliate links below.) Let me know how your bullet journal progresses. I can’t wait to share!


Affiliate Links: Above are affiliate links to the products that I purchased, if you’d like to get started yourself. If you follow the links and buy, I’ll earn a small commission that helps cover blog costs.

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