7 Lessons from my Bullet Journal: Month 1

I’m a full month into my bullet journal experience. (Team orange for the win!) How time flies!

I wrote about lessons from my first week here. But, I’ve learned several important things that I think are worth sharing for those new to Bullet Journaling, or those who have been at it for some time.

7 Bullet Journal Lessons

1. I thrive on being organized

If you know me – or my mother – this won’t come as a surprise to you. But I get intense satisfaction from checking off the boxes on my tracker, writing down things that I need to accomplish, and drawing straight perfect lines. I very much look forward to building each spread, and I absolutely love that all my plans are in a single place. Family visits. Birthday parties. Hike schedule. You name it. I’ve got it all in my bujo. And I can easily -check schedules, jot down new ideas, and more.

2. Bujos don’t judge

I spent last week sick on the couch. I was able to do some of my at work once I was able to sit up (yeah, it was that bad). And I completely neglected my bujo. Once I had migrated any tasks and rescheduled any appointments, I didn’t pick the thing up. I didn’t get any of my tracker stuff done, and I just wrote a big “S-I-C-K” across the week that I normally would have filled in square after square of my monthly trackers. Although being sick is never fun, even though I missed out on several days of bullet journaling, all is not lost. Keep moving forward.

3. Colors make it fun

I will never have amazing handwriting.  I’m ok with that.  I am envious of my fellow bujo-ers’ beautiful calligraphy, but the reality is, I know I don’t have the time or interest to devote to learning amazing lettering. But by having some beautiful ink colors and pretty washi tapes, the addition of color makes my bujo more fun and easier to stick with. Make it pretty and stick with it… it sounds so girly, but if it’s prettier AND more fun, it’s a habit I’m more likely to move forward. Plus, my bujo is bright orange, so I never lose it in my purse.

4. Washi tape addiction – the struggle is real

Can you ever have enough washi tape? My husband would say yes (and roll his eyes). But in addition to the pretty selection I purchased, I found some really fun rolls while wandering around at Target. And, you should see my Amazon shopping cart. It’s frightening beautiful.

5. I rarely miss appointments (or forget other tasks)

Having everything written down, in the right place, means that I can quickly reference the tasks on my list and accomplish them. I also don’t feel the pressure to remember everything, meaning that I’m not stressed about forgetting things.

6. You can crowd-source ideas

The bullet journal community is largely fun and supportive. There are lots of people with great ideas on how to organize your thoughts. Looking for a spread to track exercise? Someone has great ideas. How about planning a vacation? Tracking illness symptoms? Yes and yes. A google search, pinterest exploration, or Facebook group question will provide you with tons of ideas. There is no wrong way to do it, but isn’t it nice when someone else has already found something that works great? I love not having to re-invent the wheel when I don’t have to. Plus, even if you end up not finding something else perfect for you, you can still benefit from things others have considered that might not have occurred to you.

7. Blend of analog and technology

Truly, there is no wrong way to bullet journal. Although bullet journals are the analog response to a technologically dependent society, you can combine your online planning efforts with your hand-written manual journal. Or you can keep track of your online efforts (like blog posts) in an analog place. You can work as far ahead as you need to without sacrificing your day to day interactions. Ultimately, whatever works for you works for your bullet journal. All you have to do is keep track of what pages are where in the index, and the rest will fall into place. You’re not buttoned into a rigid format since you determine how many pages/days/weeks/months ahead you want to work at a time.

I am really loving my bullet journal, if you haven’t noticed. It’s therapeutic and useful… two things that are critically important to me. So this post talks about lessons from my first month, but have you read what I learned the first week and wish I had known before starting?

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