Raspberry Rhubarb Craft Beer – A Garden Tale

I love using our garden for delicious creations of all varieties, including beer. Raspberry rhubarb craft beer to be exact.

When we bought our house over 5 years ago, we purchased it yard unseen. It’s a common affliction of January home purchases in Alaska, since our yards are (theoretically) covered with snow. The past winter or so aside that is. What we learned is that we really lucked out with our yard.Raspberry Rhubarb Craft Beer | SalmonAtSeven.com

Though our lot is quite small, we have a mature crabapple tree and wonderful raspberry bushes that migrated under the fence from our neighbors. We encourage raspberry bush migration too… this year, we already have more than a half gallon of berries. It may not seem like much to you, but our raspberry bushes take up only around 15 square feet, so we’re super excited by the huge juicy berries that appear every year.

Last year we planted rhubarb, and harvested a stunning amount of the stuff. We created an amazing raspberry rhubarb jam with our berries and the beautiful yellow raspberries from my mom’s garden.

My husband makes beer for fun. Really good beer. And it’s one of those hobbies that basically pays for itself. We get 5 gallons at a time of high end craft beer that we can enjoy ourselves or bring to parties. Top hits include an Irish Red, a Honey Nut Brown, and the latest, and greatest – raspberry rhubarb. Our crabapple beer last year didn’t fare as well. (But, let’s chalk that up to operator error!)

It’s so good in fact, that a second batch of raspberry rhubarb craft beer is bubbling away in the garage as we speak. Light and refreshing without a hoppy after-taste, and so so delicious. It’s extra tasty since we know the “goods” are coming from our own yard. But mostly because we love the raspberry rhubarb flavor profile. Or I do.

Added bonus: The great wall of hops is larger than ever before. It’s taken over the front of our shed, and we remain ever hopeful that we’ll be able to harvest a few hops this year. Alaska’s short growing season hasn’t been conducive to it so far, but this year has been so hot, that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some hops flowers out of it!

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    […] and crabapples – all harvested from our own efforts and activities. There’s the beer, for sure… but I’m thinking of liqueurs, pies, muffins, even filling for cakes! I was […]

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