2017 – Now What?

2017...now what | SalmonAtSeven.com2017 is here, and, you know what? I’m not sure what to think. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty level-headed and middle of the road.  Okay. Not always. For a few years there, I was pretty much left. Not super liberal left wing-left… but any thoughts approaching the middle were quickly slashed. Especially in a Post-9/11 world where everything shifted right.

Then I met my husband… who grew up in rural Wisconsin, who was in the military, and who jumped out of perfectly good airplanes for a living. During the first deployment as a couple, which lasted 15 LONG months, my perspective changed. And I became right-center.

Until this past election cycle. It became painfully obvious that the right candidates were scary (to me) right… and I found myself supporting someone so far left, in large part, because I loved his idealism, his tireless efforts to improve the world, and his honesty. Those are all things I value, you see. And although I grew up and live in a Red State, it’s a fairly libertarian place (leave me alone and I’ll return the favor), and I think the ideas resonated all over the place. Even Alaska.

Then the unthinkable happened. He didn’t win. And then it happened again last November when the other guy did win. I have tried to be positive. And honestly, I hope things go well. But our new President’s words and policies, his attempts to govern (in 4 days) by executive order, his cabinet appointments… they all concern me. Scare might be a better word. They scare me.

And I don’t want to be a negative Nellie, but I do want a better country and better world this year, next year, four years from now, and forty years from now. So where does that leave us? What now, 2017?

So I think the answer is to not be silent. Be respectful, but respectfully share your dissenting opinion. And share it with people who matter — share it with your state and local senators and congress people.  And then put it into action… because although your words are important, the idiom rings true and actions DO speak louder. Whatever you do, don’t accept things silently because they don’t affect you… stand up for what you believe in. Be kind to oth’rs even if they think, act, or in some way, shape or form are totally different from you. A smile and a friendly greeting go a long way. And I think we all lose sight of that in the drama and mess that is social media, and the actual media. Go fact finding. We will get through this… somehow. And even if the new President does things we don’t agree with, by being GOOD PEOPLE, I think we’ll come through stronger. And I have hope that things will be better than ok.

So 2017, bring it… just not too hard. Kay?

(and with that said… thanks for hanging in there during my lengthy brain dump)

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