Ch-ch-ch-changes: the low-down

Few things drive me crazier than bloggers who announce why they’ve been gone a while. Well random bloggers that is. My bloggy pals, I love and I super duper want to know what’s going on in your lives, all of the changes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. For many of you, we’re also Facebook pals, or at least we should be!

But I haven’t posted much lately because so much is happening in our world. You may or may not know that we almost left Alaska a year ago. Well, we didn’t leave a year ago, and instead we spent quite a bit of time, money and effort updating our house. Instead, we’re leaving this year – there are myriad reasons as to the WHY, and none of them are emotional. If I had a choice, we’d probably stay here forever, but when you remove emotion from the deal, moving is simply the right thing to do.

So we put our house on the market (seriously, look how pretty it is!), sent K merrily on his way to our new home state of Wisconsin (his Old-New or is it New-Old?), and accepted an offer on our house the day after we moved out and our realtor started showing it. In fact the offer landed in our Realtor’s inbox less than 8 hours after we pulled out of the driveway.  A little known fact about me — or perhaps more widely known than I care to admit: I’m a bit of a control freak, and I’m used to being on top of everything and making sure that all elements of a project are executed that are under my control. So with selling a house, NONE of it is in my control, and it’s absolutely maddening. And our realtor is a rock star, but it’s so foreign to not be in control of the elements. HA!  So that’s what we’ve been doing – breathing, doing what we can do, and waiting for the rest of it to come together.

Did I mention we’re planning to buy a house in Wisconsin too? I’ve chatted with a great builder, an awesome realtor, and an awesome lender, and just like with all things, it’s hurry up and wait. So while E and I wait to leave Alaska and continue exploring here, we’re preparing to be basement dwellers until we can get into the next amazing home for awesome memories.

And the getting there part? Well, I decided that this time, I won’t be driving the Alcan with a 3 year old. So the plan? Ship my car to Seattle, where my favorite 3 year old and I will embark on an epic road trip. I may be kidding myself by thinking that we’re not already in the middle of the road trip — I’m not quite sure how that works. Either way, we’ll do our best to post from the road – we’ve got some fun plans with friends and family along the way, and some Hike It Baby outings to break up what will otherwise be a very long drive! Home but not home, away but not away. It’s a heck of a process, this tiered cross-country moving. In the end, it’s all part of an adventure and embracing the changes in our life has not been easy. But it’s what I’ve been doing lately! And, I remain committed to the idea that it’s all worth it for the lifestyle we want. Keep those fingers crossed! In the meantime, good night, and good luck!

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