#MomReal – Life isn’t Pinterest-perfect.

#Momreal Life Isn't Pinterest Perfect
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Let’s get momreal for a bit here. I’m sitting here in my activewear yet not working out yet another day. It’s for reasons, of course. All the reasons.

But regardless of what they are (and I’ll share some of them later), working out just isn’t happening today. Neither is cleaning, although I did sweep the kitchen a few minutes ago. Not that you can tell now since the 1 year old has had *another* confetti party with the dog food. It’s her favorite thing. To eat. To play with. We can’t forget to climb in (no kidding, I often find her in the dog food closet sitting IN the dog food tote on all the kibble she hasn’t rained down around her yet). To strew around because it’s fun and it makes Mommy crazy. #momrealness right there.

I really need to start running more though. You see, I’ve committed to doing a half marathon in May, and I really need to not fall over half way through it.

This whole week, I have barely been able to muster the energy to cook for my family, let alone hop on my bike, head down to the weight room in the basement, or go for a snowy jog. I blame this winter cold. Not as in “Baby, it’s cold outside,” but as in sniffle, sniffle, cough. It’s gnarly, and it never seems to come when it’s convenient. What’s convenient? It’s never a good time to be sick. But definitely not Christmas break, when you have big fat fun plans with the kids, and end up watching tons of movies instead. That’s #momreal.

Yesterday, working out didn’t happen because the baby seems to be getting 4 teeth at once, and refused to be put down. Then it didn’t happen because the dog stole my cheese off the counter and wouldn’t come back in when I called him.

Today, I probably could have done something, as my new Garmin Forerunner watch sits virtually unused, slowly ticking a few steps here and there. But it seemed prudent to give myself just one extra day to recover.

But back to getting #momreal. Life is never Pinterest-perfect. It’s rarely even Facebook perfect. As I don’t always share the picture of the baby climbing the wall, or the 5 year old with a popcorn tin hat, because you can also see Mount Laundry in the background. Or maybe you can see the ENTIRE Costco pack of diapers that the baby has rained down like confetti across the living room. (See dog food episode above.)

So I sit here writing, pulling the baby off the kitchen table, while she careens around the house, because the act of typing counteracts the stress. In the background beyond my computer screen, catchy songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood instigate toddler dancing, while she empties out the dog toy bin so she can sit in it. (Do you notice a theme here?) Then she’s mad because it tipped over, and Mommy has to go fix it. The pile of diapers on the floor is forgotten to get those snuggles.

And those crazy snuggles are worth it in the end, along with the gales of giggles, and the sheer delight on her face. Because my house might be a mess. But I wouldn’t pass on this time for anything. And that’s #momreal.

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