Hitting pause and making time for me time

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How many of you struggle with finding time for yourself? It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless to-dos, to get caught up in the stress of it all. There’s always bills to pay, always laundry. And never enough time for me. But we all must start hitting pause.

But I find that instead of taking 20 minutes or an hour to sweat it out or spend time organizing, I just launch in. And honestly, there’s no such thing as just checking email. I get always take off at light speed down the email rabbit hole. It doesn’t help that last week we were stuck in the polar vortex. But really that’s an excuse. There is always an option of hitting the basement to lift weights, hopping on my Peloton, or even some yoga or HIIT workouts.

I didn’t.

But (finally) today I made that time. When C went down for her nap, I took a few minutes to hop on the bike. And it ended up being my century ride on my bike. It’s a huge milestone. (Of course I wore Skirt – a Jette that I LOVE, and no I didn’t take a good photo.)

I didn’t realize until I hopped on the bike and the high fives started rolling in that it was my 100th ride. (Yes, people can high five one another as they ride live! It’s seriously so much fun.) It’s only taken me around 6 months longer than I had planned. I didn’t plan on any big fun rides with my girl tribe. And to be honest, I wanted to get off — at 8 minutes, at 16 minutes, at 22 minutes. You get the picture. The music didn’t draw me in, but my commitment to myself did. So I stuck it out for 45.

I didn’t have a PR. Not even close. And that’s okay. When I was done, I probably should have done a cool down. Instead, I curled up on the floor in the fetal position, using my kids’ bath toys as a pillow, and panted. But I did it. And even though I didn’t want to spend my me time this way, and I probably needed to do dishes or laundry, it was what I needed.

And I think that’s the lesson here and the message. You only get this 20 minutes, this 40 minutes, this whatever time period, once. After that it’s gone. So spend it wisely. The time passes regardless. All of us, but especially moms who have the emotional burden of their families, need to put ourselves first for once. Take that me time, when you can and how you can. And take it in a way that makes you better and helps you live your best life. Hit that pause button on everything else and make the most of it.