How to survive the winter that never ends

How to Survive the Winter that Never Ends |
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Current situation: winter. Situation last week: winter. Situation in January: winter. If you’re sensing a theme here, it’s winter. More specifically, it’s the winter that never ends. And I feel like I’m fighting to survive it.

Not in a real Little House on the Prairie sense. Instead in a “take me to the beach” sense. Not any beaches near me either. I am dreaming of Florida or Costa Rica, or Arizona (and yes, I get that Arizona has no ocean).

In the last few months, I think we’ve had exactly one week without a snow day. I keep running (and in fact, ran a 5k at somewhere around 5 below). I also keep shoveling. And earlier this winter, I learned how to build a fire.

I actually wanted snow earlier this winter. Specifically, I think I said “GIVE ME ALL THE SNOW. ALL OF IT!” So I didn’t complain the first few times. In fact, I shoveled the piles gleefully. Today, with flurries flying again, and with another 4-8 inches forecast, I may not be shoveling quite so gleefully. This weekend I posted this on IG and Facebook. And, once again it’s true.

The reality is it’s a mental game with its ups and downs. And the colder it gets the crazier the kids all make me. I also start planning how to escape it. At the same time, another mom at E’s school and I are taking bets as to whether or not the kids will be home tomorrow, and how prepared we need to be with our winter arsenal.

Mine includes:

  • winter gear, lots and lots of winter gear
  • piles of blankets for forts that get trampled within 5 minutes
  • liquid water colors for snow paints that we will use in 4.3 minutes or less
  • a bowl for snow ice cream that we will devour and then go into a sugar craze
  • this cool game of relay/tag that one kid can do on repeat for hours on end
  • an endless supply of books and movies
  • an endless supply of snacks for these small beasts that are starving all the time, but especially 5 minutes after their last meal
  • wine for me, because
  • laughter

The reality is we laugh because if we do not, it might be really grim. So even though my current situation is winter, and I’m ready for it to be spring…as in ANY DAY NOW, it’s just one of those things.

One of those things that feels like it will never end.

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