About Salmon At Seven

About Salmon at Seven

Salmon at Seven is where I share all the tidbits of my life. My hikes, my parenting wins and failures. My gardening and my cooking. Everything that I feel is worth sharing. It’s my creative outlet. And I have a lot of fun with it.

It’s also the culmination of many hours and months of blogging at EKat’s Kitchen. I never thought I’d leave EKat’s Kitchen behind; after all, I am EKat. Erin Kathleen. It doesn’t get much more personal than my very own kitchen. So why the move? I’ve been wanting to diversify for a while. Although the bulk of my writing will still be about food, I want to talk more about life — life in Alaska, my life, my family and our adventures,and of course supper – Salmon at Seven.

After my son was born, I found myself wanting to talk about things we were doing. And I was so busy for a long time that I didn’t have time to write about anything. But we’re all back, and we’re excited to share with you. While the mission of EKat’s Kitchen was to create a log of my favorite healthy recipes to keep me healthy; and as it – and I – grew, it became a place of community, a place for me to create, and, well, so much more! Salmon At Seven  has continued in the same vein, but it has so much more potential to develop organically. I look forward to sharing with you all.

Lest you be worried, all of your favorite EKat’s Kitchen content is right here! Search to your heart’s content. And, please enjoy Salmon at Seven… serving up so much more than just supper. We all hope you enjoy our writing and recipes.


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    Love you Erin!

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