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As Seen OnInterested in adding your site to my as seen on page? I’m always interested in collaborating on writing projects. Contact me with your pitch here.

So where have you seen my writing? Likely a number of places. I often contribute to the Hike It Baby blog, and I write for a few other sites as well. Here’s a list of some of my top features on other pages – for a truly as seen on perspective. The very first place you likely saw me and my recipes was EKat’s Kitchen, my former blog (which still exists although all EKat’s Kitchen content can be found right here at Salmon at Seven.)

Featured articles “as seen on” other sites

Looking for a specific post? Here are some of my top contributions!


A Full Circle Fruit Bouquet (Full Circle)
An Alaskan Seafood Adventure  (FoodyDirect)
Building the Perfect Make-Your-Own Taco Bar (Cilantro Cooks)
Fondue Series:
Cheese Fondue – the Ultimate Gourmet Appetizer (Cilantro Cooks)
Fabulous Fondue Dinner Parties (Cilantro Cooks)
     Delectable Desserts with Fondue (Cilantro Cooks)
How to Host the Perfect BIY Pizza Party (Cilantro Cooks)
How to Make Mouthwatering Artisan Pasta with a Stand Mixer
How to Make Bone Broth using a Slow Cooker (Cilantro Cooks)
How to Make Spicy Tuna at Home (Japanese Knives)
Shredding Chicken – How to Use your Stand Mixer for Meal Prep (
Slow Cooker Pepper Steak Stew (Japanese Knives)
Summer Refreshments – Lavender Lemonade from Scratch (Cilantro Cooks)
The Only Guacamole Recipe You’ll Ever Need (Cilantro Cooks)
Why the Pop Up Dining Craze is Here to Stay (FoodyDirect)

Home & Garden

4 Easy Steps to Improving Your Curb Appeal with Perennials (Harry Helmet)
Tips for Purging to Make Your Next Move Easier (Mover Junction)
Vertical Gardening Tips & Tricks for Green Living (Harry Helmet)

Outdoor Living

Exploring the Senses with a Winter Scavenger Hunt (Hike it Baby)
The Importance of a [Mommy] Community (Hike It Baby)

*I’m a regular contributor to HikeItBaby’s blog, and you can see the different posts I have written for them here.

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